Thursday, January 19, 2006

Elk River Ranch LPS approved

The plan for the the Elk River Ranch (now Marabou Ranch) was unanimously approved by the Routt County planning commission tonight. Marabou Ranch will consist of 62 lots on 1,787 acres. Instead of simply didving up the parcel into 35 acre pieces the developers went through the land preservation subdivision process which allows them to group the home to minimize impact to the land and allow them to keep 1,300 acres of land in argicultural or its native state. A true win-win since it makes for a much nicer end result for homeowners and nature plus cost savings on infrastructure for the developer.

Marabou is patterned after Storm Mountain Ranch and will include many high level common amenities along with great fishing due to many improvements in habitat for fish on the Elk River and new ponds and streams on the ranch.

Here is a link to a story in the Steamboat Pilot with more details.

Update: The project was given final approval by Routt County in due course.

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