Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marabou Ranch Bike Trails Praised in Pilot and Today

The past 2 years Marabou Ranch has gracefully opened their bike trails to the public for the 2 weeks leading up to the start-of-the-year Town Challenge Bike Race. The trails at Marabou are a perfect way to open the season; the rolling hills and open terrain is different than anything else in town and does a great job at easing everyone's legs back into racing. After riding the trails this past year Joel Reichenberger wrote a story about the great trails and fantastic design of Marabou Ranch. I thought he did a great job at capturing the overall feeling of the ranch community so i have included a few paragraphs of his article below -  

"Marabou reminds me of Disney World. Anything seems possible out there, and my favorite story of why occurred when I was covering my very first Town Challenge Mountain Bike Race.
In town just a few months at that point, I had little idea what to expect as I pulled into the massive ranch-themed housing development.

I had no idea the lengths to which the developers had gone to make everything there perfect.
From the beautiful rail fences that look like they were built 125 years ago to the gorgeous barn that sat near the headquarters of the race and the string of trout fishing ponds, I got the idea that this place was special."

For more information on Marabou Ranch or the trail system, feel free to send me an email at jon@thesteamboatgroup.com or give me a call at 970.879.0879

Monday, April 26, 2010

Marabou Hosts Town Challenge Bike Race

Once again Marabou will open up their trails to the public again, kicking off the Steamboat Springs Town Challenge Bike Race. With a 23-mile rolling trail system, the trails make for a great cross country course. Mainly filled with small hills and great views it is a great introduction back into mountain biking for racers in the area. In coming weeks it should be possible for people interested in previewing the course to stop by Marabou and ride the trails in anticipation of the first race of the summer season. For more information on the trails in Marabou or the great opportunity for ownership in a ranch community, feel free to contact me at jon@mybrokers.com

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is there Opportunity at Marabou Ranch in Steamboat?

Have you been looking at Marabou Ranch? Have you come out and seen it yet? Does it seem like Marabou Ranch could be a fit for you but you are waiting for the right time? If so it is worth taking a few minutes to get current. Marabou and all of it's amenities, Infrastructure, fishing etc has all been built to very high standards but the turmoil the last 2 years has created a couple of opportunities to get a great lot at Marabou for a very substantial discount. If you would like to learn more without any sales pressure give me a call. I will help you quickly see if Marabou could be a fit or not and suggest other options if you would like so you know you understand what the options are.

I am fortunate to be busy now because I put my clients first, know what is going on and actively seek out opportunities. I spent 16 years at HP so I work differently than most and will respect your time. Give me a call at 970-819-6930 or email jon@mybrokers.com if you would like to learn more.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Todd Lodwick wins Silver

Master Guide Todd Lodwick has won the Silver medal in the 2010 Olympic games in the Nordic Combined Ski event. With each of the four team members racing a 5 km leg of the race, each member of the US team raced incredibly, grabbing the US's first ever medal in the event. After the race Tood stated 'I came out of retirement for two reasons,One was to have a lot of fun, and two was to get some hardware. We were extremely successful at World Championships, and now we’ve been overly successful here.'

A Master Guide at Marabou Ranch, Todd provides advice and tours for those interested in nordic skiing while staying at Marabou Ranch. A very cool program where 'Each Master Guide is a friend, a mentor and passionate about the experience he or she provides to Marabou residents.' For more information on Master Guides in Marabou feel free to contact me at jon@mybrokers.com

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Master Guide Qualifies for Olympics!

Todd Lodwick, a Master Guide at Marabou Ranch, has qualified for the 2010 Olympic team to compete in Vancouver. A competitor in 4 Olympics, Todd has come back from his 2006 retirement and successfully made the Olympic Team! Congratulations to Todd!

Master Guides at Marabou provide you with the opportunity to learn different sports that Marabou offers from the best. With guides in sports and activities such as nordic skiing, fly-fishing, mountain biking and more, as a guest in Marabou you can learn the tricks and secrets to succeeding in many of the sports that Steamboat has to offer. For more information on the Master Guides in Marabou feel free to give me a cal at 970.819.6930.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wellness Weekend in Marabou

Getting ready for the upcoming winter months Marabou is offering a 'Wellness Weekend,' giving you the opportunity to get ready for the cold weather that is fast approaching. Beginning this Friday at 530 the weekend continues through a late sunday brunch on the 13th. Hoping to cover different aspects of wellness ' the weekend will include all the elements of a healthy lifestyle - cooking, eating, fitness/yoga, meditation, relaxing, and of course a spa treatment in the Marabou Spa.' Space is limited to 12 people, so if you are interested in getting ready for the winter, shoot us an email at jon@mybrokers.com and we can help you get ready and stay healthy for the winter!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Master Guide Wins US Nordic Title

Todd Lodwick added another title to his ever-expanding list of successes and credentials this past weekend. Winning his 20th US Nordic title Lodwick was excited about his continued success on the national level. "I think I'm almost twice the age I was when i won my first title. It's nice to be in shape; it's nice to know that i can still compete at a top level." Lodwick is the Master Guide in Marabou Ranch for Nordic skiing. As a Master Guide Lodwick helps owners and their families to spend one on one time with top athletes and can help guide you around the extensive set of trails around Marabou Ranch.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Marabou Owners Featured in Steamboat Pilot

The first single-family home in Marabou has been completed. The owners celebrated with friends at their home overlooking the Sleeping Giant on August 28th. The owner mentions that with his home he "wanted to make it look like an old ranch house that had been spruced-up." describes their success at capturing this feeling by completing their exterior with standing dead trees that had already shed their bark, giving the exterior the feeling of aged wood. The owners cited Steamboat's relaxed lifestyle as a major selling point in their move to Colorado. Hoping to spend 6 months out of the year in Steamboat, the Blalock's are looking forward to joining the ranch lifestyle Marabou offers and have already spent time moving cattle around the ranch. Spending the other 6 months on the beach Mary Blalock is hoping to transform from a surfer girl to a cowgirl in the summer. For more information on enjoying the benefits of living in Marabou for yourself, feel free to call or email Jon: 970-819-6930 or jon@mybrokers.com

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Town Challenge Bike Race Vists Marabou

For the second consecutive year, the Town Challenge Mountain Bike Series began their summer series on the Marabou trails. The trails were in excellent shape, well kept and provided beautiful vantage points of the Marabou Ranch complex. The Marabou trail system features over 20 miles of rolling single-track surrounding and cutting through the un-developed sections of the ranch. With only two longer climbs, the majority of the course was over rolling knolls, providing the perfect venue for an opening race. With an after ride party at the River Lodge House, many riders were stunned by the beauty and design of the lodge. While the rain rolled in, many riders stayed to enjoy the post riding festivities within the River House Lodge.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A new closing at Marabou Ranch

Spring is in the air and some people are beginning to see signs of a recovery. Even the national media is beginning to report some good news. Encouraging news from Marabou Ranch came in the form of a closing on a lot for $2.5M. Overall lot sales are limited right now so this speaks to the quality of the experience they deliver at Marabou, the relative value you can find in Steamboat compared to places like Vail & Aspen and people's continuing desire to spend more time in Steamboat Springs.

One home is coming along ahead of schedule and 2-3 others are expected to start building this spring once things dry out a bit. This is a pretty solid vote of confidence from down to earth Steamboat people who are very conscious of the national issues we are working through that don't take their actions lightly.

I have seen a significant rise in interest lately from some pretty careful clients who follow the markets closely along with several new clients referred by people who have worked with me before. They see an opportunity to meet long term goals in Steamboat and have me working on various options to see if I can find the right deal for them. I have enjoyed hearing their perspective on things and insights into the reasons they see this to be a good time. Let me know if you are curious about what is going on and want some honest insights into the current market in Steamboat. Call or email Jon: 970-819-6930 or jon@mybrokers.com

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Friday, October 31, 2008

New Closing at Marabou Ranch this week

There was a new closing at Marabou Ranch this week. Jim Defranca and Cynthia Johnson are the proud new owners of Marabou Homestead F8. They are not alone in buying this year. People are gravitating to quality this yea where they can spend more time with their families in Steamboat.

From the Land Report Oct 31 issue: "Sales of homesteads, which start at $2.9 million, have been brisk even given the present economy. “So far in 2008, we’ve sold four homesteads and expect to sell a handful more between now and Christmas. This year, 2008, has been slightly slower but not much. We feel really fortunate. We’ve recently had a flurry of interest despite the economic news. I think it’s because the project is one-of-a-kind. It’s really special and unlikely to happen again, at least not in some people’s lifetime,” says Temple."

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Generous Strike Zone at Marabou Ranch

The Dallas Morning News Strikes again with another article about Marabou Ranch yesterday. I have fished out there on numerous occasions and it appears that they just had an ok day. Quite a few locals and owners of the properties around Marabou will tell you that the stream improvements Marabou put in have benefited the Elk River as a whole due to the increased quality of the habitat there. The healthy fish it has produced don't just stay on the ranch but have moved up and down the river.

Selected quotes: Article by Ray Sasser - STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. – Pat Stefanek was giddy with excitement, and the fishing guide wasn't even holding a rod. Stefanek ran through the tall grass that ringed the meandering stream, waving his landing net like a tennis racket, flushing a swarm of oversized grasshoppers. Some of the clumsily flying insects splashed down in the tailor-made meander at Marabou Ranch. As the hoppers drifted downstream, brilliantly-colored trout rose from their lairs beneath undercut banks, rocks and roots. They ate the grasshoppers and revealed their presence in the process.

Stefanek lined up my wife on a particularly big rainbow. Emilie is a fly-fishing novice, but she'd spent the previous day under our guide's watchful eye and her casting skills had made a quantum leap. Thanks to the 20 or so big trout she'd already caught from the Elk River, her fish-fighting technique had progressed even further.

Emilie's first cast landed just a little to the left of the big trout's hideout, drifting out of the strike zone. A trout in moving water is like a batter in baseball. The fish has a strike zone that's zealously guarded. Like an overanxious batter, a hungry trout will sometimes fall for an outside pitch, but the fish mostly waits patiently until the current delivers a juicy snack right down the middle of the proverbial plate.

"Cast a little more to the right this time," coached Stefanek. And, when Emilie complied, "That's perfect. This hopper will drift right over the fish." There was a silver and scarlet flash in the water, and Emilie's fly rod was bowed by an angry fish that pushed very near the 20-inch mark. I knew Emilie was in for a lengthy battle so I left her in Stefanek's capable hands and walked to the next likely spot. I didn't even cast the oversized grasshopper-pattern – just dropped it straight below me and peeled off a little line to allow a natural drift. The fly didn't move five feet before a trout tried to eat it.

The manmade meadow meander was a perfect way to end two days of the best trout fishing I've experienced anywhere south of Alaska. In some ways, it was better than Alaska because Alaskan trout are seldom caught on surface flies. Of the 30 fish I landed in two days, more than 20 rose to a big hopper. For the rest of the article click here. Back to the Marabou Ranch Steamboat blog main page for more.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Marabou Master guide in the news

The Dallas Morning News has a nice article on Steamboat Springs today with several quotes from Pat Stefanek a friend who has a "tough job" as a Master Guide at Marabou Ranch. Poor Pat has to Ski all winter and Fly-fish about 10 months a year.

Perfection in land of hoppers and droppers Saturday, August 16, 2008

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. – The first year Pat Stefanek spent in Steamboat Springs (1991), he had three jobs, just trying to make ends meet. One thing he knew for sure. He'd do whatever it took to live his version of a Rocky Mountain high.

"I was lucky because I made my passion my living," said Stefanek, master fishing guide and river keeper for three miles of upscale private trout waters on Marabou Ranch, just outside of Steamboat Springs, and 40 miles of private trout waters on North Park Fishing Club in nearby Walden, Colo.

"Steamboat Springs is the world's greatest place to live," Stefanek said. "The name alone is very cool, but there's a terrific outdoor lifestyle here that's hard to match. There are great trout streams in every direction, many of them public waters. I had 110 days of skiing on the mountain last winter – lots of powder days.

"Everybody is hiking and riding mountain bikes – it's just a great, healthy lifestyle. Whatever you think you're good at, there's a 12-year-old girl in Steamboat Springs who can kick your rear." (8 or 10 years old would probably be more accurate) For the whole article click here

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Marabou Ranch certified as a Carbon Negative Development

Carbon Negative?? Carbon Negative Development??? That caught my attention, Basically what this says is that while they do emit carbon in the day to day operation of the ranch and it's amenities other practices that they employ in managing the ranch result in a negative carbon footprint. This study only covered the ranch and it's amenities but not the homes that will eventually be built but 1 million pounds of negative emissions leaves room for a great deal of usage by the homes and there are programs in place to encourage homeowners to built energy efficient homes. Studies like this are never perfect but it would be hard to dispute that Marabou is providing leadership in green practices and have significantly reduced their net carbon emissions.

Quoted selectively: STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO -Developers of Marabou, a sustainable ranch preservation community in Steamboat Springs, Colo., announced the completion of more than $60 million in construction - including amenity buildings, trails, river restoration, solar panels, new fences, and paved roads - with a better than carbon neutral footprint.In combination with the rest of Marabou’s construction, the rustic, yet luxurious amenity structures have a carbon neutral footprint due to a focused and detailed design and construction program employed by the developer. To achieve this status, Marabou Managing Partner Jeff Temple solicited input from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Routt County, wildlife biologists, ranching experts, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the EPA.

Marabou also hired Environmental Solutions, Unltd. to serve as a sustainability consultant throughout the development process. The organization regularly monitors the construction and operations of Marabou, offering suggestions to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and employ preservation practices. Environmental Solutions recently performed extensive research to evaluate the project’s carbon footprint. Based on methodology and guidelines provided by the EPA, World Resources Institute and the United Nations, Halliday’s research showed Marabou’s net carbon emissions to be approximately negative one million pounds of carbon per year - meaning the project actually reduces more carbon emissions than it creates.

Marabou does emit some carbon. The study compared the amount of carbon generated by Marabou’s amenity buildings, on-site activities, and routine maintenance, to the amounts of carbon reduction resulting from voluntary investments on the part of the Marabou development and management teams. The evaluation was based on the entire 1,717-acre ranch, including Marabou’s 12 amenity buildings, as well as four additional structures used by maintenance and on-site management staff. It did not include private residences, as none have yet been constructed.

Marabou’s agricultural practices and soil sequestration practices were the largest contribution to carbon reduction. According to the new Farmers Union Carbon Credit Program, carbon can be stored in soil through no-till crop production, long-term grass seeding practices, native rangeland enhancement, and methane capture projects. Marabou’s grass-fed beef program, as well as its riparian, grassland and wildlife preservation efforts, results in the reduction of more than 2.5 million pounds of carbon each year.

Marabou is a model for green agricultural ranch operations by incorporating rotational grazing, which is better for the land and yields healthier cattle. Riparian zones have been carefully mapped to avoid cattle intrusion. A wildlife management plan provides for the protection of an elk calving area and a Columbian sharp tail grouse lek, as well as the creation of bio-islands and habitat improvement for the ranch’s abundant wildlife.

Some key management practices that reduce Marabou’s carbon emissions include the use of on-site solar panels and wind-generated power purchased from Colorado-based wind farms. Marabou also employs an extensive recycling program to reduce waste transported to landfills each year. These energy conservation practices more than offset the fuel used for Marabou’s agricultural activity, landscaping, and other maintenance-related practices.

Marabou’s amenity buildings are designed for the common use of homestead owners and their guests. They include the River House Lodge and Dead Horse Saloon; the Downstream Spa; the Casting Room Theater; the River’s Edge Fitness Center; the Outfitter’s Cabin; an equestrian center; and six well-appointed Owners’ Cabins, which can be reserved by homestead owners for four weeks per year.

The buildings are clustered together to reduce the impact the buildings have on the native wildlife. Marabou requires all contractors and subcontractors to be Built Green® certified, and all Marabou amenity buildings have achieved a Built Green® average of 140 points. The minimum requirement is 70 points.

The structures feature insulated foundations; low-E windows; zoned thermostats; Energy Star rated appliances, lighting and exhaust fans; structured insulated panels for room insulation; low flow shower heads; and furnaces with a 90 percent or higher efficiency rate.

Construction teams also used engineered lumber - which is made of recycled material and creates far less waste than conventional lumber - throughout 90 percent of the buildings. The siding on Marabou’s horse barn is salvaged wood from Wyoming fencing, and the River House Lodge interior features rescued cherry wood from 100 percent sustainable sources. The Casting Room Theater building has a “living roof”; home to native grasses that provide natural insulation.

All private residences, ultimately 62 at full build-out, will be custom homes, several of which have recently completed a design review process. Construction on the first owners’ residences is slated to begin by spring 2008. Marabou’s design guidelines were crafted using Built Green® principles and provide an appendix of sustainable building criteria for owners.

“All homestead owners are required to incorporate a minimum level of green building practices, and if an owner embraces a high enough level of ‘built green’ in their home, they are eligible for a $10,000 payment from Marabou,” said Temple. “We were encouraged to discover that owners are choosing to go above and beyond that requirement to embrace energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water conservation and wildlife preservation as a way of life.”

Marabou has attracted national attention for its exemplary environmental leadership. The EPA recently awarded Marabou membership in the Green Power Leadership Club. Only businesses that replace significant portions of the electricity they use with green power are invited to be partners in this organization. In October 2007, Marabou received the first annual Sustainable Business of the Year Award at the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association’s Centennial Celebration, in recognition of its vast achievements in sustainable business practices. Marabou was selected from a pool of more than 30 members of the Sustainable Steamboat Business Program, created in March 2007.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fly-Fisherman Magazine Visits Marabou Ranch

Here is a nice blurb about John Randolph from Fly Fisherman magazine and his visit to Marabou. While I am sure he has a gift for making you wish you were him he has undoubtedly fished some great properties and has a reputation ot maintain.

The Marabou fishing operation includes some of the best, and most extensive, streams that I have fished in my 30 years of experience with Fly Fisherman magazine. The trout are wild and healthy; the hatches are abundant; the streams are restored and unpressured; and the trout are relaxed and eager to take the fly."

Last Friday, July 13, Marabou team hosted Mr. Randolph for lunch at the River House Lodge and, of course, an afternoon of fishing in the Elk River. John is one of the most impactful members of the fly fishing industry, his magazine being the most widely read and respected periodical of its genre. He was also impressed with Marabou’s stream redevelopment efforts: “Equally important, is the eco-friendly paradigm that drives this new development. The professional stream restoration is an example: It demonstrates what healthy habitat can do for a trout stream after years of inadvertent abuses. It is a prime example of the "New West" and the TLC that enlightened, restorative management is bringing to the trout streams of the Rockies. In fact, the Marabou development overall is a prime example of the new environment-friendly lifestyle that most Americans are seeking.” The following day, Randolph spent the day fishing on some of the 50 miles of private water Marabou has at North Park - water available to all Marabou owners.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Sunset Over Marabou Ranch

Here is a nice shot of the sun setting over Marabou Ranch to get you back to Steamboat Springs soon.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bull Riding at the Marabou Ranch party

My lovely wife Wendy decided to step up and ride the mechanical bull tonight. Click on the play button at the bottom left of the picture to see the action for yourself. Her form is pretty good so I expect her to be invited to give a cameo appearance at the Steamboat Springs Rodeo series this summer. It starts a little slow but I guarantee you will get a good laugh. Wendy did a great job and her performance drew quite a crowd. Ride back to the Marabou Ranch blog main page for more.

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Marabou Ranch Party with Julie Roberts

We had a great time tonight at the Marabou Ranch put on tonight. They transformed the Sheraton Ballroom into a mix between and dining room concert hall and living room with leather couches, a large rustic bar, a stage, and even a mechanical bull. The food was first class like all Marabou events. Country singer Julie Roberts was the featured entertainment and she quickly filled the dance floor with her intimate high energy performance.

If you have any interest in Marabou Ranch make sure to attend one of their quality events even if it means making a special trip. They will plan a complete weekend (or just a brief encounter) for you and your family to enjoy Steamboat and get a feel for what Marabou Ranch has to offer. It's all very low key and they show tremendous respect for your time and intelligence. Even if there is not a special event when you plan to be in town they will put together a cool experience for you and your family.

The developer, Jeff Temple, is a fourth generation local whose father started the ski area so they understand what makes Steamboat a special place and they do a great job taking it to a whole different level out at the Ranch.

Let me know if you would like to learn more about Marabou Ranch here in Steamboat Springs. I can send you more info and a DVD, talk with you about how it might fit your goals and set up some time for you to experience it first hand. Nothing else can really get across what a special place it is and help you see why it is a special place for families to spend time together. Call me at 970-819-6930 if I can help.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

General Update on Marabou Ranch

Today's Steamboat Pilot had a nice article by Tom Ross that summarizes a few things I have mentioned recently about what is going on at Marabou Ranch. I've summarized the article below for your convenience followed by a link to the article.

"Steamboat Springs The developers of Marabou Ranch luxury subdivision west of Steamboat Springs have responded to the pending sale of the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. by temporarily withdrawing about 40 home sites from the market and accelerating construction of community buildings. We feel that it'’s fantastic news, development team member Jeff Temple said of the pending ski area sale. Marabou is a sprawling ranch of 1,800 acres bordering the Elk River. The developers, Elk River Partners, have Routt County's approval to create 62 homesteads in a land preservation subdivision that keeps large parcels of ranchland intact. The community will continue to employ a ranch manager, harvest hay and raise grass-fed beef.

Thus far, DMB Real Estate of Scottsdale, Ariz., representing the developers, has sold 17 lots at prices ranging from about $1.8 million to $5 million. Another handful of lots are expected to close within the next week or two. Temple said sales of homesteads were exceeding the development team’s expectations and the holidays represented an opportunity to call a timeout and reassess the market.

“We'’re feeling very, very positive, Temple said. “We'’ve had some interaction with (representatives of Fortress and Intrawest) that some people may have not had, and it's more positive than we had hoped.

Temple said he and principals Mark Hall and Jeff Jepson sat down to envision the best scenario for Marabou going forward. They decided that spending the money necessary to complete the community buildings at Marabou Ranch on an accelerated timetable better represented the ideal. The intent is to have the improvements complete when prospective buyers arrive in the Yampa Valley during the summer months, which are most critical to land sales.

Drain said road construction as well as construction on the equestrian barn, lodge compound and other buildings is proceeding throughout the winter. Temple said the theater and spa would be complete in June. Work on mountain biking trails will resume April 1. Work on trout habitat improvements to the Elk River is proceeding during the difficult winter months. Link to the full article here

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Schedule for Marabou Ranch amenities buildings

The developers of Marabou Ranch are not taking anything for granted. They are now pulling in the schdeule for completion of the amenities buildings to June. Marabou is one of those places you need to see to truly appreciate and it won't be long before very little imagination is required to see what a special place they are carefully carving out of the Elk River Valley for a few families to enjoy. Give me a call if you would like ot know more about Marabou Ranch. I will give you some more details and help you see if it is right for you and your family. Call Jon Wade @ 970-819-6930.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Marabou Ranch Winter Festival

Plans are coming together for a winter festival party at Marabou Ranch. The party will be a chance for people to see the progress the team have made out at Marabou Ranch, learn more about what makes Marabou special and to re-introduce the project after the break for the holidays.

More details are forthcoming but expect live music, great food and most importantly a chance to see Marabou Ranch for yourself. I will be happy to arrange for you to attend if you have an interest in a special place to live or spend time with your family. You can call me at 970-819-6930.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Marabou Ranch Sales are taking a breather

It has been a fast paced year at Marabou Ranch. The project had a kickoff event in late March, began construction of all infrastructure, continued significant habitat improvements in it's 2 miles of the Elk River, added amenities like private fishing access to 50 miles of prime fly-fishing river in North Park and sold 17 of the 62 homesites to mention just a few of the things that came together in 2006.

It's not official yet but my understanding is that the developers have decided to take the lots off the market since the sale of the ski area has been announced and people have chosen lots faster than they expected to take a break. In the meantime there should still be a chance for people that are interested to tour Marabou Ranch but sales will be on hold until February. Expect more news after the new year and feel free to email me or call in the meantime for the latest at jon@mybrokers.com or 970-819-6930.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Only Way to appreciate Marabou Ranch is to visit

If you are looking for a truly spectacular place in Steamboat with views, privacy, incredible amenities for kids of all ages and no pretense Marabou Ranch is worth a look. I took clients out to the ranch to see what it has to offer and I was reminded again what a special place the Marabou Ranch is. Back to the Marabou Ranch blog main page for more.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Marabou Ranch featured in NY Times Article

NYT photo
There is a great feature article in Sunday's New York Times that covers large ranch communities that go the extra mile to preserve the land for future generations> Marabou garnered most of the coverage due to all of the unique things they are doing to be good stewards of the land. If you would like to know more about Marabou Ranch give Jon Wade a call at 970-819-6930. I will give some perspective on what a special place they are creating out at Marabou, will send you more info and can arrange for you to see it in person. You can't truly appreciate Marabou without setting foot on the property.

From the NY Times: "Of all the attractions at Marabou Ranch, in Steamboat Springs, Colo., Jeff Temple, one of its developers, is most animated about the sharp-tail grouses mating grounds. “From April to June each year, about 50 birds come back, so we close off our trails and keep the construction away, he explained. “We set up a viewing area and go out at daybreak to see them. Open space is disappearing, he said, sounding more like a conservationist than a real estate developer. But Mr. Temple, a fourth-generation Steamboat resident whose father founded the Steamboat Ski Resort, sees a larger picture. “Here, were creating a legacy for our kids and grandkids.

Mr. Temple and his partners at Due West Land Ltd., which owns the property, have preserved in perpetuity 1,300 of the ranch'’s 1,700 acres. On the remaining land, they have created 62 lots what he calls homesteads— of 7 to 10 acres, priced at $2 million to $4 million apiece. If we’'re doing this right, each of our buyers can say they bought a 1,700-acre ranch, he said. Marabou, which sits along the Elk River, is among a widening group of expensive developments in Western states that are preserving land. At Marabou, Mr. Temple said, the developers decided not to place homesites along the Elk River or on the ridgelines, locations that would have reaped handsome profits. From a business perspective, this was risky,” he said.

We've said to potential buyers: ‘You can'’t have a home on the edge of the river. That's for everybody, he said. “Many of our owners are successful entrepreneurs used to running their own show. If you tell them they can'’t build their dream house, you risk turning them off, and away. But the conservation ethos has not deterred buyers. Since the 62 homesteads were put on sale early this year, 7 have sold, 9 are under contract and 11 have been reserved. It's an incredible piece of property,” said David Rayner, a communications executive from Denver, who bought a nine-acre parcel for $2.65 million this summer.

The fly fishing on the Elk River is quality, he said. A passionate fly fisherman, he has been casting on the river with his son, Michael, 18, throughout the summer and fall. In 2001, he and his wife, Cheryl, bought a 70-acre lot at Storm Mountain Ranch, a 1,000-acre development that was Mr. Temple'’s first in Steamboat.

The planning process for these low-density developments is lengthy. Mr. Temple estimated that it took an extra year to work out the details with Routt County officials, who supported the conservation approach. Marabou consulted wildlife biologists, agriculturists and others to create a master plan that would protect wildlife habitats and support ranching. One great way to preserve open space is to produce food on the land, Mr. Temple said. Marabou expects to produce 200 tons of hay a year, most of which the homeowners association will sell. Some will be used as feed for the 55 head of cattle and 15 horses on the property.

Marabou continues a long tradition of ranching in Steamboat Springs. To avoid overgrazing the land, ranchers rotate the cattle through different paddocks, a process known as intensive grazing because of the extra work needed to move them. When he is not herding cattle at Marabou Ranch, Chad Bedell, a former world champion steer wrestler, saddles up the horses at the development'’s barn and equestrian center and rides with owners on the 12 miles of trails. Mr. Bedell is one of five full-time employees whose principal duty is to show residents the art of fun.

Other master guides available to Marabou residents include Abi Slingsby, the Colorado state champion in cross-country mountain biking and Todd Lodwick, an Olympic Nordic skier and ski jumper who has won 17 national titles. We'’re avid skiers, so we'’re really looking forward to these services, Mr. Rayner said of his family. Mrs. Rayner and the couple's daughter, Lauren, 13, also plan to go horseback riding on the property.

Read the whole article here.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Marabou Construction Update

Here is an update the Marabou Team sent out today on the progress the are making as they build the infrastructure at Marabou Ranch. They plan to have most site infrastructure roads and stream improvements in during the winter and then will finish things like paving once the roads have had the chance to settle over the winter. If you haven't had a chance to see it yet it is very impressive how much Jeff Temple and his team have accomplished so quickly. It is even more exciting to see the the level of thought and quality they are putting into every detail.

From Marabou: In construction news, two of our six owners' cabins, Sundance Cabin and Riffle Cabin, are both vertical with Sundance Cabin having windows, electrical, and plumbing installed. Sheet rock will be hung by the end of the week. The Riverhouse Lodge and River's Edge Fitness Center have all been framed and are vertical. The River’s Edge Fitness Center will have a roof within the week.

Stream restoration has been progressing steadily. The Army Corps of Engineers has recently approved phase one of the river restoration project. The roads have been coming along with over 90 percent of the sub-grade laid. The water main is also being installed at this time with over 75 percent of the water main now complete. The ranch is easily accessible with a four wheel drive vehicle.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The property development with a plan . . .

From Private Air Magazine Sept/ Oct Issue:
The property development with a plan . . .a conservation plan.
Once you drive—or fly—into Steamboat Springs, you’ve entered the real Colorado. While world-class sports have firmly established Steamboat’s reputation as a winter destination, it’s truly an outdoor paradise year-round—every bit as much in the summer as the winter.

Unlike other Colorado resort towns Steamboat is first and foremost a ranching community that just happens to have incredible snow and skiing—and Steamboat is working hard to preserve ranching not only as a way of life but also as a way to conserve the land. A total of 1,800 acres of productive ranchland along the revered Elk River are hosting the development of 62 homesteads for families who want to live on a working ranch, and an astonishing 1,300 acres of open lands will be held in easement. The underlying foundation of Marabou—the property named after the fly-tying material that emulates the flight of life in the water and proves to be irresistible to trout—is not building out the land but rather preserving the land and increasing wildlife capacity.

As Jeff Temple, Marabou’s managing partner and a fourth-generation Steamboat-native, explains, “I was born and raised in Colorado, and I love the American West. Open space, land production, and sustainability with energy efficiency add up to what conservation is about,” he emphasizes. “The earth is a finite resource, and mankind hasn’t been very kind in our history. It’s time to wake up and do a better job.”

The 1,300 acres of preserved ranchland will support active cattle and hay operations that will allow residents—if they so choose—to participate in ranching activities. “Marabou families will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the adventures of ranch life and the variety of year-round outdoor activities right in their own backyard, Temple points out. The everyday activities include herding cattle, caring for horses, baling hay, and mending fences—but that is only the beginning.

Aside from the fervent efforts to preserve Colorado’s ranchlands with comprehensive ecologically-sound methods, Marabou’s developers are also providing for the residents’ need to balance ranch living with amenities such as a private spa, a health club, and the Marabou Master Guide program. As part of this exclusive program Olympians, world champions, and field experts will help residents learn not only about ranching but also about all the outdoor activities Colorado so incredibly offers. The Master Guide program opens a door to the northwest Colorado outdoors and enhances every experience—from tying a Marabou fly and landing brown trout to blazing the nature-dense trails by mountain bike or snowshoes. Homeowners will even have access to their own private Olympian guide to take the family up Steamboat Mountain for ‘“first runs”’ on snowboard, alpine, and Nordic ski trails—before they open to the public.

One of the finest feathers in Marabou’s cap—or tied into the fly—is the amazing opportunity for home-owners and their guests to experience quintessential fly-fishing on the best private waters in the lower 48 states. North Park, about 50 miles from Marabou, encompasses the North Platte River and three other rivers—the North Fork of the Platte, the Michigan, and the Canadian—offering a truly priveledged opportunity to become one with nature. It’s also one of the few places in the world where anglers can vie for the Rocky Mountain Grand Slam of fishing and hook rainbow, brown, brook, and cutthroat trout all in one day. Pat “I Believe”
Stefanek, one of the fly-fishing master guides, maintains the North Park fisheries and habitats where he is constantly improving the natural resources and working with the surrounding ranchers to maintain bank stability, which improves fishability.

You can reach North Park by car in just under an hour from Marabou, but consider hopping into a helicopter or plane to experience the beauty of Colorado’s last frontier in under 20 minutes. Either way homeowners can meet Pat and his team of accomplished guides who can provide once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experiences.

Whether you’re on the water, slopes, or horseback or at the spa, you’ll find a wide diversity of activities at Marabou that provide lots of enjoyment while still protecting the land. Each 6 acre-plus homestead features surrounding protected ranchland and natural habitats with no views of neighboring properties. If you’re a pilot, you’ll be pleased to know that a landing strip is just 14 miles away. But if you choose to make Marabou your second (or third) home—just know it’s going to be very difficult to go back to your first.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fly Fishing at Marabou Ranch

I went out to Marabou Ranch this morning to fly-fish with my father in-law Ted, a friend Todd and John from Marabou. If you think you know what fly fishing is like on the Elk River, think again. The level of improvements they have put into the river to enhance fish habitat is very impressive but let's get to the fishing first.

We arrived a little early so we would be ready for the hatch that has been going off between 10 and 2pm lately. It was a moderately overcast day and a little bit cool. Steve Henderson from Steamboat Fly Fishing was there to meet us and be our guide for the day. Steve is a great guy, knowledgeable fisherman and skilled guide. We started by walking up to one of the side channels of the Elk River and looked for fish. RIght away we saw a large trout on the other side about 20 feet away. Ted made a few casts and caught a smaller 18 inch Rainbow trout right away just as a much larger fish was closing in on his fly. The fish put up a solid fight and kicked off what would turn out to be a great day trying to outsmart the rest of his extended family.

Next we made our way upstream a bit and spread out over various holes and riffles. We each got several solid bites but the fish were pretty wiley and quickly returned most of our flies without the courtesy of entering our nets for a visit. Steve helped me bring up my game a bit and soon we were all rising to the challenge the fish laid down for us. The group fished up and down the area until about 2:30 when everyone left. Ted caught about a dozen fish ranging from about 12 inches to 3 large trout well over 20 inches. Todd caught about 9 with 2 twenty plus inchers. John and Steve also brought in some nice fish even though they were "working" to help us have a great day on the river. Both of them have it pretty well figured out in my book. Now that I think about it I was "working" too since I do need to understand all of the benefits of living in Steamboat Springs and each property my clients are interested in (I am pretty lucky too).

My father in-law has fly-fished all over the world and on the Elk River at and above this area before Jeff Temple put together Marabou Ranch. He loves the fly-fishing in and around Steamboat Springs to the point he often says that he knew it would be good here but never realized how good it would be. That said he wasn't very enthusiastic about what the Elk River had to offer in comparison to the Yampa River. Today really changed his mind about what was possible at Marabou Ranch. This is without without all of the extensive improvements they plan in place.

It would be one thing just to stock a river but they have hired some of the best people in the business to design and build improvements to the river. The idea is that improving the habitat will attract the largest fish in the river, grow larger fish naturally and keep all of them healthier will result in superior fishing that is suatainable over time. They have ordered generously from a large menu of ways to improve the Elk River through the ranch like adding limestone boulders for more flies to hatch from while using them to build beneficial structures. They put in just a few of the improvements in the river that are planned last winter so one has to wonder what it will be like once the habitat has time to grow some bigger fish and the full complement of improvements is in.

The list is too big to cover here but they are also adding 15 acres of ponds and streams through the property to provide a much longer fishing season that isn't blown out by the spring runoff and where the fish can cycle in and out of the river. They will keep the fish healthy by flowing 10 cubic feet per second of their water rights through the ponds and streams to keep the water cool and fresh. By the way I should mention that these pond and streams are not just holes and ditches but well thought out habitat for the trout with considerable attention to detail in their design and contsruction. It is an undstatement to say that Jeff Temple builds things right and beyond the expectations you form from the description. I have spent a good amount of time at Storm Mountain Ranch and I'm still impressed as I see how well Marabou Ranch is coming together.

One other feature of Marabou Ranch that I should mention is that they have their own private lease on 76,000 acres, giving over 40 miles of private fly-fishing on the North Platte, Michigan, Canadian and Platte Rivers near Walden Colorado. It is a reasonable drive or a very short flight by helicopter from Marabou Ranch. This fishery is well known for the quality of its fishing and stunning natural beauty since it is surrounded by the continental divide on one side, verdant pastures all around it and the peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park in the distance.

Contact me if you would like to hear more about any of this or have me send you a stunning DVD that shows you more about the fishing and other amenities at Marabou Ranch. My number is 970-819-6930. Let me know if you are interested in a lot at Marabou Ranch and want to see it for yourself. I will arrange a visit to the ranch and a chance to fish it next time you are in town.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Marabou Ranch gaining steam

I have heard from several sources in the last week or so that progress on the basic infrastructure, the quality of the developers plans and the depth of the thought put into making Marabou Ranch a special place (my opinion) have really come together recently. I don't have hard data since lots at Marabou are not listed in the MLS but indications are that this development is shaping up to be a real winner.

I don't think that this is a surprise since I have followed it closely from the start of the planning process and seen what a special place Storm Mountain Ranch (an ultra high-end ranch community the lead developer Jeff and his brother Jamie who is not involved in Marabou built here in Steamboat a few years ago) turned out to be.

Marabou Ranch is a very high-end development but I feel the value they have put together exceeds the price tag. It is hard to say that at this price point so that makes this feat all the more impressive. This is especially true given you couldn't touch this sort of package for a multiple stated prices if it were even available in any other world class ski town. I wouldn't even dare to speculate what something like Marabou Ranch would cost in Vail or Aspen if it was even possible. Even if youcould find something you still wouldn't have the balance of a family friendly and upretentious that Steamboat represents. Steamboat Springs has some of the nicest people you can find. It's hard not to be nice when you live here in Steamboat, you have big problems if you can't be happy here. A few people manage to but not too many.

Marabou Ranch also has some amenities they don't even market. You would never find out if you didn't give it a closer look and come out to visit the ranch. Let me know if you would like to hear more about Marabou Ranch at 970-819-6930.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Marabou in the Denver Post

There was a nice article in the Denver Post today about Marabou Ranch. It's worth a read for some of Jeff Temple, the developer's, thoughts on the ranch. The lots that are currently availble sell for $2.4-$4.2M and include shared usage of about 1,300 of the 1,800 acre ranch and an incredible set of amenities to make you truly feel home on the range. They have reserved or sold 9 of the 62 lots plus 7 have been taken by the 7 partners. That is pretty solid for a few months into a development of this size and price point. It's hard to say value at this price point but if you think about what something like Marabou Ranch would cost in Vail or Aspen, if it was even possible, Marabou is worth a look.

I am an independent Realtor that follows Marabou Ranch and the Steamboat luxury market very closely so give me a call if you have any questions or would like my thoughts on this or the Steamboat market. My number is 970-819-6930.

See the full article here

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Marabou Ranch Pictures

Marabou Ranch Steamboat Springs
I went out to Marabou Ranch to get a few pictures for a client last week so I thought I would share them with you. I didn't have the best light to work with so it was hard to do it justice but the pictures at the link below will give you a quick preview of what Marabou Ranch is like. My photos are all copyrighted but a few people have asked so feel free to set one as your desktop photo by right clicking on the photo and selecting teh option to place it on your destop. Follow this link to Marabou Ranch Steamboat photos. Let me know if you would like to learn more about Marabou Ranch or see it for yourself. My contact info is availible in the top right of this page.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Marabou Mountain Club

The Marabou Mountain club in Steamboat Springs is now complete and open. This is a private club in gondola square for owners atMarabou Ranch with beautiful finishes and furnishings, an area for refreshments, lockers and private bathrooms. It gives them a place at the base of the mountain to call home, keep their things, meet or just hang out even though their home is out along the Elk River. This strikes a pretty cool balance if you ask me. There is dedicated parking at the Sheraton so owners can drive into covered parking and just be a short walk in street shoes away from their base of the mountain refuge.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Marabou Ranch press release

Here is a press release from the Developers: (its worth reading as a good summary)


STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLO. - Close to 1,800 acres of productive ranch land on the shores of Colorado’s renown Elk River will soon be home to approximately 62 families seeking to live on a working cattle ranch. Offering a relaxed, yet adventurous lifestyle, MARABOU will preserve the land’s ranching and farming way of life, with more than 1,300 acres of it remaining a working, sustainable cattle ranch.

Here, residents and their guests can participate, at their discretion, in all aspects of ranching, from herding cattle, mending fences and baling hay on the property to caring for the horses that live there. Or they can simply kick back and enjoy the many amenities built just for them on the edge of the Elk River, a renown private fly fishing retreat. Marabou is three miles outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, an authentic Rocky Mountain town widely known as Ski Town USA.

Homesteads will average 6.3 acres and are carefully placed on the land to maintain privacy and protect the overall viewshed of the property. Homes can consume less than three-quarters of an acre, preserving the remaining land as open space, left undisturbed and cared for by the ranch association. More than 1,300 acres will remain common open space.

“When designing this project, preserving the land and protecting the wildlife was our first priority and will continue to be the most critical part of this community,” said Jeff Temple Marabou Development Managing Partner. “Marabou families will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the adventures of ranch life and the variety of year-round outdoor recreation right in their own backyard.”

At Marabou, no homes will be built on ridgelines, protecting views of the ranch and surrounding mountain ranges. Home sites are situated on the edges of meadows, outside of agriculture areas and wildlife corridors. The remaining land will continue to be farmed and ranched, as it has been for the past 105 years. Only now Marabou residents will have partial ownership and will be able to hone their skills and learn new ones, all under the watchful eyes of the masters.

Marabou’s Master Guide Program is a defining characteristic of the community. The Marabou Master Guides are experts in areas such as fly fishing, horsemanship, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding. They will mentor and educate residents about how to have safe and enriching adventures while living on the ranch. U.S. Olympian skiers Nelson Carmichael and Todd Lodwick, fly fishermen Steve Herter and Steve Henderson, master snowboarder Erin Simmons and ranch manager Chad Bedell are among the masters at Marabou who will be sharing their passions and experience with residents and their guests.

For the rest of the press release click here.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Background on Jeff Temple and Marabou Ranch

The lead developer of Marabou Ranch is Jeff Temple, the following article gives some good background on Jeff's previous ranch projects at Storm Mountain Ranch and Maytag Mountain Ranch plus a few details on Marabou.

More info here in the Steamboat Pilot.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Storm Mountain Ranch Lots

If you are looking for a lot in Storm Mountain Ranch there is currently one on the market for about $4m dollars. You might also consider checking out Marabou Ranch along the Elk river. While it cannot replicate the location of Storm mountain Ranch it does offer more amenities including incredible fishing and extensive ski trails. Jeff Temple, who developed Storm Mountain Ranch along with his brother Jamie, is also putting together Marabou Ranch. He said that they have learned several things from Storm Mountain Ranch that they are using to improve the amenities at Marabou Ranch. I think based on the plans I have seen that Marabou Ranch has the potential to be as nice or nicer overall than Storm mountain Ranch.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Marabou Ranch project launch

They put on quite a show for the launch of the Marabou Ranch project today. Videos playing aerial views of the property in all seasons interspersed with great photos of the local elk, grouse and other wildlife. Jeff Temple the lead developer gave an excellent presentation on the history of the project and how they planned it to improve on the successful Storm Mountain Ranch project they did at the base of Rabbit Ears Pass. I'll add more details later.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Large Ranch in Steamboat without the work

One interesting feature of the Marabou Ranch is that it allows people to participate in any phase of ranching on the 1,300 acres of common space with their family when it is conveinent for them without the hassles or exposure of managing a large ranch year round. Affluent buyers have followed their dreams out west for decades and bought large ranches to live them. The only problem is that it is a challenge to find and maintain capable ranch managers then expensive to keep things running smoothly. Large ranches are generally profitable when run as a business which isn't always compatible with the offsite owners other goals and demands on their time. The most successful gentlemen and women ranchers tend to be retired business people. It can be much more of a challenge for someone still active in their career and even more so for some one form out side the ranching or business world.

Several articles in the Wall Street Journal have documented the trend of celebrity ranch owners moving on after finding that owning a large ranch was more of a time and financial commitment than they hoped for. The great thing about Marabou Ranch is that people can buy in long before retirement, for much less than a large ranch on their own and enjoy most if not more perks than the typical large ranch without the responsibilites of ranch management taking away from their time off.

The Marabou Ranch just outside Steamboat Springs, Colo., will include 62 home sites, open space for grazing, haying, dry-land crops, a sharptail-grouse breeding ground, a winter elk range, riding trails and horse facilities. It will include extensive amenities and superior trout fishing habitat along its two miles of the River, extensive stream system and 15 acres of ponds. It will also have master guides on staff for every aspect of ranhcing and outdoor sports availible in the Steamboat area including Olympians Nelson Carmichael and Todd Lodwick on staff to improve residents' skiing when they aren't tending to the herd.

To see more info on Marabou Ranch click on Marabou Ranch

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Elk River Ranch LPS approved

The plan for the the Elk River Ranch (now Marabou Ranch) was unanimously approved by the Routt County planning commission tonight. Marabou Ranch will consist of 62 lots on 1,787 acres. Instead of simply didving up the parcel into 35 acre pieces the developers went through the land preservation subdivision process which allows them to group the home to minimize impact to the land and allow them to keep 1,300 acres of land in argicultural or its native state. A true win-win since it makes for a much nicer end result for homeowners and nature plus cost savings on infrastructure for the developer.

Marabou is patterned after Storm Mountain Ranch and will include many high level common amenities along with great fishing due to many improvements in habitat for fish on the Elk River and new ponds and streams on the ranch.

Here is a link to a story in the Steamboat Pilot with more details.

Update: The project was given final approval by Routt County in due course.

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