Thursday, March 30, 2006

Storm Mountain Ranch Lots

If you are looking for a lot in Storm Mountain Ranch there is currently one on the market for about $4m dollars. You might also consider checking out Marabou Ranch along the Elk river. While it cannot replicate the location of Storm mountain Ranch it does offer more amenities including incredible fishing and extensive ski trails. Jeff Temple, who developed Storm Mountain Ranch along with his brother Jamie, is also putting together Marabou Ranch. He said that they have learned several things from Storm Mountain Ranch that they are using to improve the amenities at Marabou Ranch. I think based on the plans I have seen that Marabou Ranch has the potential to be as nice or nicer overall than Storm mountain Ranch.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

steamboat real estate is prime right now. Its a lovely area, with so much to do, I have visited some friends there and I can't say enough wonderful things about Steamboat Colorado. Seems like these lots will go fast.

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