Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marabou Ranch Bike Trails Praised in Pilot and Today

The past 2 years Marabou Ranch has gracefully opened their bike trails to the public for the 2 weeks leading up to the start-of-the-year Town Challenge Bike Race. The trails at Marabou are a perfect way to open the season; the rolling hills and open terrain is different than anything else in town and does a great job at easing everyone's legs back into racing. After riding the trails this past year Joel Reichenberger wrote a story about the great trails and fantastic design of Marabou Ranch. I thought he did a great job at capturing the overall feeling of the ranch community so i have included a few paragraphs of his article below -  

"Marabou reminds me of Disney World. Anything seems possible out there, and my favorite story of why occurred when I was covering my very first Town Challenge Mountain Bike Race.
In town just a few months at that point, I had little idea what to expect as I pulled into the massive ranch-themed housing development.

I had no idea the lengths to which the developers had gone to make everything there perfect.
From the beautiful rail fences that look like they were built 125 years ago to the gorgeous barn that sat near the headquarters of the race and the string of trout fishing ponds, I got the idea that this place was special."

For more information on Marabou Ranch or the trail system, feel free to send me an email at jon@thesteamboatgroup.com or give me a call at 970.879.0879
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