Sunday, August 27, 2006

Marabou Ranch gaining steam

I have heard from several sources in the last week or so that progress on the basic infrastructure, the quality of the developers plans and the depth of the thought put into making Marabou Ranch a special place (my opinion) have really come together recently. I don't have hard data since lots at Marabou are not listed in the MLS but indications are that this development is shaping up to be a real winner.

I don't think that this is a surprise since I have followed it closely from the start of the planning process and seen what a special place Storm Mountain Ranch (an ultra high-end ranch community the lead developer Jeff and his brother Jamie who is not involved in Marabou built here in Steamboat a few years ago) turned out to be.

Marabou Ranch is a very high-end development but I feel the value they have put together exceeds the price tag. It is hard to say that at this price point so that makes this feat all the more impressive. This is especially true given you couldn't touch this sort of package for a multiple stated prices if it were even available in any other world class ski town. I wouldn't even dare to speculate what something like Marabou Ranch would cost in Vail or Aspen if it was even possible. Even if youcould find something you still wouldn't have the balance of a family friendly and upretentious that Steamboat represents. Steamboat Springs has some of the nicest people you can find. It's hard not to be nice when you live here in Steamboat, you have big problems if you can't be happy here. A few people manage to but not too many.

Marabou Ranch also has some amenities they don't even market. You would never find out if you didn't give it a closer look and come out to visit the ranch. Let me know if you would like to hear more about Marabou Ranch at 970-819-6930.

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