Thursday, March 30, 2006

Storm Mountain Ranch Lots

If you are looking for a lot in Storm Mountain Ranch there is currently one on the market for about $4m dollars. You might also consider checking out Marabou Ranch along the Elk river. While it cannot replicate the location of Storm mountain Ranch it does offer more amenities including incredible fishing and extensive ski trails. Jeff Temple, who developed Storm Mountain Ranch along with his brother Jamie, is also putting together Marabou Ranch. He said that they have learned several things from Storm Mountain Ranch that they are using to improve the amenities at Marabou Ranch. I think based on the plans I have seen that Marabou Ranch has the potential to be as nice or nicer overall than Storm mountain Ranch.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Marabou Ranch project launch

They put on quite a show for the launch of the Marabou Ranch project today. Videos playing aerial views of the property in all seasons interspersed with great photos of the local elk, grouse and other wildlife. Jeff Temple the lead developer gave an excellent presentation on the history of the project and how they planned it to improve on the successful Storm Mountain Ranch project they did at the base of Rabbit Ears Pass. I'll add more details later.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Large Ranch in Steamboat without the work

One interesting feature of the Marabou Ranch is that it allows people to participate in any phase of ranching on the 1,300 acres of common space with their family when it is conveinent for them without the hassles or exposure of managing a large ranch year round. Affluent buyers have followed their dreams out west for decades and bought large ranches to live them. The only problem is that it is a challenge to find and maintain capable ranch managers then expensive to keep things running smoothly. Large ranches are generally profitable when run as a business which isn't always compatible with the offsite owners other goals and demands on their time. The most successful gentlemen and women ranchers tend to be retired business people. It can be much more of a challenge for someone still active in their career and even more so for some one form out side the ranching or business world.

Several articles in the Wall Street Journal have documented the trend of celebrity ranch owners moving on after finding that owning a large ranch was more of a time and financial commitment than they hoped for. The great thing about Marabou Ranch is that people can buy in long before retirement, for much less than a large ranch on their own and enjoy most if not more perks than the typical large ranch without the responsibilites of ranch management taking away from their time off.

The Marabou Ranch just outside Steamboat Springs, Colo., will include 62 home sites, open space for grazing, haying, dry-land crops, a sharptail-grouse breeding ground, a winter elk range, riding trails and horse facilities. It will include extensive amenities and superior trout fishing habitat along its two miles of the River, extensive stream system and 15 acres of ponds. It will also have master guides on staff for every aspect of ranhcing and outdoor sports availible in the Steamboat area including Olympians Nelson Carmichael and Todd Lodwick on staff to improve residents' skiing when they aren't tending to the herd.

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